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Successful Strategic Planning - duMonde
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Successful Strategic Planning e-Learning Course – Get Full Access for 30 days!

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About Successful Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning can be defined as a process of defining an organisation’s strategy and making decisions on how to properly allocate resources in its pursuit. It also covers introducing and following mechanisms for successful implementation.

This workshop is designed to help your organisation achieve sustainable success in an ever changing and competitive Australian and global marketplace. It aims to equip decision-makers with practical tools and techniques needed to plan for the organisation’s future, build short and long-term value and deliver strategic outcomes.

Benefits of Successful Strategic Planning e-Learning Course

Upon completion of this workshop, you will achieve a better understanding of:
  • What Strategic Planning and Thinking is
  • Undertaking situational analysis to assess present state
  • How to define and identify Key Issues
  • Customer and Competitor Analysis
  • How to match company goals and objectives with your strategy
  • Generating Strategic Options to execute your strategy
  • How to evaluate strategy implementation, including balanced scorecards

Introduction video

Watch the introductory video for more information


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