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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long can I access my eLearning course?

You will have thirty (30) days full access to the eLearning course commencing from successful purchase date.

Can I purchase multiple eLearning courses simultaneously?

Yes, you can purchase multiple eLearning courses at the same time.

Can I temporarily end the eLearning course and pick up from where I left off some other time?

Yes, you can temporarily end your current eLearning course and pick up from where you left off by closing the module. You can do this by clicking the close button of the eLearning module (not the close button of the browser). Pick up from where you left off by logging into your account and continuing the course.

Can I retake the assessment and how many times can I take it?

Yes. If you wish to attain a higher score, you can retake the assessment once. You will see a Retry button on the Assessment page with your total score. Click on Retry and have another go. After retrying, you can still review your assessment answers by clicking Review.

Do I get an online certification when I finish this eLearning course?

Yes, you will receive a downloadable certification from duMonde after finishing the selected eLearning course. You may download by clicking the Download Certificate to view or download a copy.

Can multiple users take the eLearning course if I use a company account?

No, the registration for our eLearning courses are strictly one user per account.

Can we download the eLearning course for our reference?

No, duMonde’s eLearning courses cannot be downloaded.

Can you design a customised course for our company?

Yes, please email us at training@dumonde.com.au or call us at 1300 940 967.

Where can I subscribe to be updated on duMonde's new eLearning courses?

You may visit our Contact Page and submit your name and email to subscribe.