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Doing Business in Defence - duMonde
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Doing Business in Defence e-Learning Course – Get Full Access for 30 days!

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About Doing Business in Defence

Doing Business in Defence is a highly focussed and practical foundational course designed to give individuals and businesses from all backgrounds the essential insights they need to be more successful business winners in this critical economic market. Incorporating the latest insights from the First Principles Review, 2016 Defence White Paper, Defence Industry Policy Statement and Integrated Investment Plan, this e-Learning course will directly assist those looking to enter or grow their presence in the Defence sector by providing them with “must know” information on the “What, Who and How” aspects of doing business in this challenging yet rewarding industry.

Through this e-Learning course, small-to-medium sized businesses as well as larger industry organisation representatives can have full access of duMonde’s flagship Doing Business in Defence program, purposely built with interactive buttons, topic quizzes and practical exercises to fully engage online participants and to evaluate readiness in doing business with Government and Defence sectors.

Benefits of Doing Business in Defence e-Learning Course

Upon completion of this workshop, you will achieve a better understanding of:
  • Global Defence market trends & influencing factors as relevant to doing business in Australia
  • The Australian Defence Organisation & the Australian Defence stakeholder environment
  • The avenues for securing work in the Australian Defence sector
  • The Defence Industry landscape in Australia & key players
  • Winning business in the Australian Defence sector as well as through export
  • The importance of developing a robust value proposition for your defence customers
  • The Australian Defence Industry support initiatives

Introductory video

Watch this short introductory video to find out more about this course and how it can help you:


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